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#GRRLJZZ | Midnight Tea in Berlin

Zona Dynamic + Berlin Con Mucho Arte present ... #grrljzz

I am black. I have fantasies of being seen beyond what you see. 

I am woman. I have fantasies of being seen beyond.

I am. I have fantasies of being.

I. I have fantasies.


I remember the first time I heard RACHAEL FERGUSON laugh-- her voice was in the air and below my feet and expanding across my shoulders at the same time. Her laugh made me joyful. And I was overhearing the laugh from some distance away and still ... it moved me. I think I'll always been drawn to people who seem to be living life fully-- people who can laugh and fill a room while emptying themselves of something that can feed and be shared, like bread. I did not think I would be lucky enough to call her a friend because she was a complete stranger to me (and kinda famous). Seattle wasn't always a very friendly place to me, but meeting Rachael made it feel more like home. She is powerful, dynamic, fucking hilariously fun, brilliant, and talented. Easily more, but this is more than enough for me to just want to be near her. We were sitting in Seattle icon, Karen Toering's backyard one hot summer day and solemnly promised each other that we would go to Berlin because this City of Possibility & Risk had something waiting for both of us. 2015 rolls around and here we are, we are going to Berlin, DAMMIT. But we need your help-- for real. Tickets to Berlin are more expensive than tickets to Sydney, Australia. BUT WHY?! I've decided that you get what you pay for and I'm determined to eek out every penny's worth of awesome. 

#GRRLJZZ is our opportunity to experiment beyond the edges of ourselves.
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